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Woo is cast as a villain, [13] underscored by her frequent appearance to the theme music that accompanied the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz . [11] Unlike a melodramatic villain such as J. R. Ewing , Ling was cast as a remarkably heartless character [11] until well into the second season (Season 3 of the show), when she begins to befriend other characters.

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Okay, this is my second entry for the 2017 Summer Lovin' competition and it looks like I just scraped this one in before the deadline. Yes!!!! It started life as an old story I came up with a year or two before I started writing on Literotica. I kind of liked it at the time, but I'd put it aside back then. When I was looking for a quick story for the 2017 Literotica Nude Day Story Competition (coz I was working on a bunch of other stories and I didn't have much spare time for a story for the Nude Day competition) I remembered this one. After I hauled it out and looked at it, I kind of shuddered at how badly it was written from way back then, which I guess just goes to show how you can improve your writing if you sit down and work at it, and then I sat myself down and started rewriting it.

Rewriting a lot -- it started out rather different from the story you're reading here. It didn't make it (sob) for the 2017 Nude Day competition so I recycled it just now for the 2017 Summer Lovin' competition after I finished "Summertime Sadness" -- and if you haven't read "Summertime Sadness", that's my other 2017 Summer Lovin' competition story and go read it after this. Please -- it needs your views and your votes and if you enjoyed "Fingerprints on my Heart", I'm sure you'll get "Summertime Sadness." Anyhow, "The Temptation of Sammi Woo" wasn't a quickie in the end but this is the end result, and here it is. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it and as much as Sammi enjoyed ...well, you'll find out what Sammi enjoyed soon enough. Again, it's a little on the long side, like a lot of my stories here, but then, Sammi does have a lot to enjoy ... and be warned, there's a long lead in before the sex but okay, it's worth it ... Sammi thought so, anyhow ... just pace yourself, guys, okay .... Chloe

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Everything is made from dreams

Time is made from honey slow and sweet

Only the fools know what it means

Temptation, temptation, temptation

Oh, temptation, temptation, I can't resist

Temptation, Diana Krall

* * *The Temptation of Sammi Woo* * *

"Summer's here, Vicky. What're we gonna do for our birthday party?" I asked that question on the first week of our Summer Break. Last year of High School completed. Check. College enrollment done. Signed, sealed, accepted, decision made. Check. High School was over, in a couple of months we'd both be leaving home, leaving town, going away to College. Same college. We'd been best friends since we were born, we'd never been apart. Why change now?

Well, hello! Exaggeration.

We had so been apart, but not for, like, very long. Vicky went away with her parents sometimes. But they usually took me with them on vacations. My parents didn't take vacations. Ever. Summer camps? Vicky went to Summer Camps. I worked in my parents' restaurant. The smiling girl behind the till at the Red Dragon Grill? That was me. Vicky joined me there quite a lot. My parents didn't mind. One more free pair of hands. And Vicky loved Chinese food.

Anyhow, so we'd both been born on the same day, a few minutes apart. Nine in the morning. Our Mom's had shared a room in hospital when we were born. They hadn't known each other before but somehow, god knows how coz they were poles apart, our Mom's bonded. Vicky and I, we'd grown up together. We were closer than sisters. We'd been friends since, like, forever. We'd always organized a combined birthday party coz we shared the same birthday. Our Mom's had started it although honestly, I think it was Vicky's Mom coz she felt sorry for me. Whatever, Vicky and I continued with it when we were older. It always made for a fun party.

Especially for me.

"Birthday Party?" Vicky looked up from the fashion mag she was buried in. Giggled. "How about we get your v-card swiped?" She looked around, laughing. "Whaddaya say, guys? Isn't it time Sammi lost it? She's already eighteen and she still hasn't. Any longer and it's gonna close up."

"Vicky! That's just, like, so gross!" Okay, I squealed, I really did. I turned bright pink as well. She was just so over the top sometimes and Cindy and Alex were just giggling like maniacs. "Perverts," I added. Okay, they were my friends as well, all of them, but still, just coz I was the only one of us that hadn't lost it yet, that was no reason to go so gross on me.

"Be serious." I mean, they all knew my problem. Between my parents and my boyfriend, well, it was lucky I knew a bit more than just how to kiss. Not a whole lot more, mind.

Vicky relented. "We just don't want a repeat of last year, okay."

* * *

She was right.

We didn't.

Last year had been a nightmare. We'd had our seventeenth birthday party at my house. It'd been my turn and my Mom had treated everyone like we were all seven, which had been okay when we actually were seven, and even when we were ten or twelve or, god help me, thirteen or fourteen. But not when we were seventeen. That, and she'd done a very Chinese party. At least there'd been lots of food. Everyone had been really nice about it to me, but the party had ended before midnight and I knew nobody ever wanted to have a party at my parents' house ever again.

Least of all me.

"My parents', they'd let us have a party here," Vicky said.

"They're almost as bad as mine." Someone had to say it, I might as well. They were, really strict. No noise after eleven. No alcohol. No weed. Boys, okay but they checked the list first. Everything. Mind you, they did have a point. These days, you gotta be soooo careful. There was Hannah, back in spring. She'd sent out an invite to friends on Facebook when her parents went away for the weekend. All she'd meant to do was ask a couple of dozen friends over for a fun night dancing and watching movies and eating pizza down in the basement and maybe a couple of drinks.

Poor Hannah.

Five hundred people turned up, some of them came a couple of hundred miles. The house was trashed. Like, literally, trashed. Walls torn out, doors gone, every window broken, everything smashed. That kind of trashed. Every cop in town turned up. They had to send for reinforcements. Cars got set on fire, the neighbors had their gardens trashed. Poor Hannah. I was so glad I hadn't gone to that one with Wilson, although hey. I'd been so bugged that he'd wanted to stay at home and watch some awful kung fu movie.

He wouldn't know kung fu if it bit his ass.

Anyhow, Hannah? Her parents insurance didn't cover that one either. They'd lived in a trailer for three months while the house was fixed and she'd been grounded for life. She'd even missed the Prom. Even my parents had given me an evening off from the Red Dragon Grill for that. Of course, my Prom Date had been Wilson. And my parents picked us up from outside the Prom after it was over.

So maybe Vicky's parents had a point. But still, I wanted a real party and so did Vicky. Looking at each other, we both shared the same thought. Not happening.

"Maybe a pool party at your place?" I said to Vicky.

"Hey guys," Alex wrinkled her nose. A sign she was deep in thought. Things always got a bit crazy when Alex started thinking.

"What?" Cindy said suspiciously. Alex had landed all of us in trouble too many times for anything she suggested to be considered without some serious risk assessment.

I didn't want to be grounded for the summer. Mind you, I couldn't see it making much difference. I was working to midnight almost every night in the Grill anyhow. My only nights off were on a date with Wilson, after Wilson asked my Mom. Sucked to be me. My friends' would come in for some takeout on the way home from a night out with their dates and there I'd be. But at least I got to see them. Count your blessings, right?

"Uh, we're all going to the same College, aren't we?" Alex eyed us one by one. We all nodded, slowly. Yeah, we were. We all thought that was cool too.

"And we're going to lease a house or an apartment or something together?"

We all nodded. That was the plan. Cindy's Mom was a real estate agent. We were all driving over with her and Vicky's Dad, we'd find somewhere, lease it. Cindy's Mom'd do all the guarantees and everything, whatever was needed. She knew what to do and she was a real estate agent. She was already doing some looking for us.

"So, you know, we all need time to settle in, right? Get the place sorted out, get to know the campus and everything, we don't want to be rushed of our feet in the first week, do we?"

"No," Cindy said, hesitantly. We were all trying to figure out where Alex was going and what could possibly go wrong. Something always did with Alex's inspirations.

"So," Alex said triumphantly, and I knew what all of us were thinking. Wait for it, it's coming. And it did. "We move in a couple of weeks early, tell our folks it's to help us get our feet on the ground, so we're not rushed that first week at College. And your Mom was already planning to go over early, right Cindy? We'll just all come with you." She grinned. "And then we'll have Sammi's party. An End of Summer Party, Vicky and Sammi's birthday and hey, Sammi might even get her v-card swiped before she's officially a College Girl."

"Aleeeeeex!" I squealed. I did. "Just forget the v-card stuff, okay!"

They all laughed.

For one of Alex's ideas, it sounded really not too bad. We spent the next hour looking for flaws but no, it all kind of made sense. Get a place early, move in. Get to know the College, relax, have some fun. Have our birthday party. Sure, it'd be without a lot of our friends back here but hey, we were girls, we were gonna be College Girls. How hard is it for college girls to make friends and party, honestly?

* * *

We had our eighteenth birthday party at Vicky's that summer anyhow. About two weeks after we all talked about that early move. Vicky's Mom organized it. Family, friends, barbeque by the pool. We all had fun coz, well, us girls, we knew where the REAL party was going to be and when. Cindy sold her Mom on the whole early move thing. Cindy's Mom sold Alex's and Vicky's parents and Vicky's Mom sold mine. Everything was cool and the summer was golden. Three more weeks and we'd be moving. Leaving home, going to college.

College time? Party time!

For me, there was only one fly in the ointment remaining. That fly? He was the boyfriend I didn't really want anymore. The boyfriend I hadn't wanted for quite a while now if we're being honest here. Wilson. Wilson Wong. I knew he was going to try and get into my panties before I left for College. Three weeks and counting. He tried, every time we dated. He'd been trying since, like, forever and now, with only three weeks to go before I moved away, it was getting to be a nuisance.

Wilson was getting too darn pushy. Whenever we dated, it was like I was with an octopus with tentacles everywhere. I gave up wearing skirts and switched to jeans. Really tight jeans. No more tops that buttoned. Heck, I even dug out some bodysuit thing with long sleeves to keep his paws off my boobs. I mean, enough was enough. I didn't mind a little making out. I enjoyed it, even with Wilson Wong. I just didn't want it going further than it already was.

Problem was, Wilson Wong did. He was a couple of years older than me. Force of circumstances had led me into dating Wilson Wong through my last three years of High School.

Yeah, that long.

With a guy I'd really have preferred not to date.

And yeah, I was datable. Jeez, give me a break, even I knew that.

Not being overly modest, I'm Chinese, okay, but I'm not a complete nerd even though, yes, I do wear glasses, but I have contacts as well, okay! I'm cute, I'm vivacious and I'm not shy at all. I'm noisy and I'm outgoing and even if I say it myself I definitely look okay. Better than okay if your taste runs to slender Chinese girls with small boobs. Being honest with myself (and honest with you, coz, well, you can't see me so I'm gonna tell you), I have to say that my boobs are way on the small side and yeah, I do wear a padded bra coz, you know, a girl likes to be looked at even if there isn't much to look at. Nice, but very small and I know that.

I'm sort of almost skinny rather than curvy but there are curves and there's that Asian flat-butt thing that a lot of guys don't like coz they like bubble butts but hey, in twenty years' time those cute bubble butts are gonna be the size of the rear end of an F150 and my butt's still gonna be small and cute and everything. And hey, it's my butt and I like it a lot just the way it is. For sure I make up in personality what I don't have in looks. It's not like I'm shy or anything. I'm not.

Okay, my boobs are small, okay, honestly, they're almost non-existent but I do have really nice legs. Like, nice, long, really long and the guys all look at them legs. So it's not like I'm being, like, overly modest. And I have a very strong self-image. I won't win any beauty contests but hey, I look good. Really, I could've dated half the guys back at our High School. Easily.

If I'd been allowed to.

I wasn't allowed to.

Not when I lived at home. My parents were real traditional Chinese, they didn't permit me to date gweilo guys (that's you white guys if you don't already know we call you guys gweilo's -- if you're Cantonese-speaking like my family, anyhow). No way was I allowed to date a gweilo. Not. Never. Never Ever. Every Chinese Mom knows what gweilo guys want to do with cute Chinese girls. Gweilo guys? Verboten.

And me, I wasn't the sort of girl that rebelled against her parents. Not when I lived at home, anyhow. Wilson Wong was the only guy my parents would let me date.

Wilson was permitted.

Because he was Chinese and I was Chinese and my parents knew his family and there weren't any other Chinese families around our town with any son's the right age for me to date although they might have let me date a Korean guy. There weren't any of those where I lived though.

So I dated Wilson who was, let's face it, as unlike me as could be and an almost total nerd. Not a very smart nerd either. There were guys other than Wilson that I'd far rather have dated through High School. Gweilo guys. A couple of Latino guys. There was even that one black guy, Steve, I was kinda hot for although I'd have been a bit scared dating a black guy but he did give me the hot shivers when I thought about him. Lots of guys I'd have dated in fact.

Let's be honest again here, I'd have happily dated half the guys I went to High School with. My parents might be conservative about me dating guys and stuff. I'm not.

Those guys, they all thought I was stuck up because I turned down the guys that asked me out on a date. None of those guys who'd asked me out knew my parents outside of buying takeout from the Red Dragon Grill. If they had've met them and gotten to know them, they'd have understood. Chinese Tiger Mom. Chinese Tiger Dad. Two sets of Chinese Tiger Grandparents. There was no way my Mom and Dad would allow me to date a gweilo guy.

They'd have killed me if I'd dated a Latino or a black guy. Not quite, but I'd have been completely grounded. Probably sent back to China or something. Besides, what with all the after school programs and swimming and gymnastics and music and that extra math and science and English tuition and my parents and grandparents on my case to come first in everything plus working at the Grill when I wasn't studying, I'd barely squeezed in one date a week with Wilson over the last couple of years. A supervised date.

You get the big picture.

It sucked.

Right through High School, I'd made do with Wilson Wong. He was Chinese, he was chubby, he had a face like a dumpling and his idea of small talk was to ask if I'd like to cook him noodles or rice for dinner when his parents were out. Now I was going to be away from home, at College. Three states away from home. Free and on my own and able to make my own choices. Supposedly.

I was so looking forward to the end of summer and going off to College.

Smiling. Dancing. Singing. Knowing that in three weeks' time I could leave Wilson Wong behind and go ahead and date anyone I wanted to. I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to that. No parents. No parental vetting. No "be home by midnight, Sammi." Okay, I knew my parents' had their sights set on a nice eligible Chinese boy for me but that wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to have fun. Date around. Party. There'd be plenty of time to find the right guy after I graduated.

College? I wanted College to be fun. I wanted guy fun. Nothing serious.

Maybe there was a Chinese guy in my future. Maybe not. I wasn't at all hung up on that like my parents were. In fact, I wasn't hung up on that one at all. My parents saw College as a good place to meet a nice Chinese boy from a good family who was getting a good education with a job-worthy qualification at the end of it. Meet, pin down, get that ring on my finger, marriage and then those grandkids after a year or two of working.

That was what my parents wanted for Sammi Woo.

That was definitely not what Sammi Woo wanted for Sammi Woo.

To give my parents their due, they didn't consider Wilson Wong good enough as a long term match. Even for my parents he was a stand-in until a bigger and better fish came along. We were agreed on that at least. At College, they intended me to find that better fish, hook him, reel him in and walk up the aisle with him.

I'd heard my Mom talking to my Dad, "...Wilson? He's such a nice polite boy and he always brings Sammi home on time, never takes her anywhere that I'd worry about....I'm so glad she likes him. He'll do until she meets someone better when she goes College. Did you have that talk with the Auyeung's yet? Their oldest son's at the College Sammi wants to go to. Very eligible and he hasn't got a steady girlfriend, I talked to his Mom last week, she was interested."

And Wilson Wong? Well, Wilson was already in College, but in our local one. He'd tried to persuade me to enroll there. No way. I'd had my sights set higher. This was my last year at home, and when this summer ended, I intended that to be the end of Wilson Wong as well coz, well, in the long term Wilson Wong was wrong for me. I just hadn't told Wilson that. Wilson suspected, I'd been sure of that. He just hadn't wanted to know. I wasn't going to tell him either. My plan was to just quietly fade out of Wilson's life once and for all. He'd get over it.

His parent's would find him some Green Card Girl from China. They'd be happy ever after.

So would I.

* * *

Honestly, I didn't want to hurt Wilson Wong. We'd dated for, like, over two years. Almost three. I wanted to let him down lightly, gently. Wean him away over what was left of summer, then vanish from his life in three weeks' time. I didn't want to dump him hard. Just fade out. He'd meet someone else soon enough. If not, well, there really were plenty of those girls in China who'd marry a guy with a face like a dumpling for a Green Card. Wilson's parents could arrange that for him. Lots of Chinese parents with sons like Wilson did that sort of thing. All the time.

Okay, not being mean here, I liked Wilson. I just didn't love Wilson. He wasn't, like, a hunk but he wasn't all that bad. I liked kissing Wilson, even if he wasn't the greatest looking guy in the world. I liked making out with Wilson. Even if he did have a face like a dumpling. Heck, I just closed my eyes and pretended he was one of those guys I really liked a lot and that kind of worked for me. It wasn't exactly hard for me to get excited, even with Wilson.

Miracle Jul 24 2011 9:31 pm C'mon guys! He's not married yet! Lee Yeo Won is married to golfer and businessman Park Jin Woo! But this one is actor Park Jin Woo! ~leiv_06~ U'v mistaken him for another PJW:))

I think Manhunt goes back to my old style. It’s exciting because it’s nice to get back to the action! Actually, there’s a lot more besides the action; it’s a very romantic, human story. But I get tired of making big-budget movies. I think about going back to the old times, when it wasn’t so much about money but about working with a wonderful, smaller crew to make a real movie. The more money we have, the more we lose creative freedom. There’s always so much pressure. It’s too much for me.

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