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Son of Afrika Potifar x Targus Romi, spitting image of his father Potifar. He will follow in Potifars footprints to continue his line of excellence.

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The exhumation ceremony was attended by ANC Deputy President Jacob Zuma , Mabhida’s family members, members of the Kwa-Zulu Natal provincial government, Premier Sbu Ndebele and Finance and Economic Affairs MEC Zweli Mkhize and South African High Commissioner to Mozambique, Thandi Rankoe. Members of the Mabhida family broke down with emotion during the exhumation, saying they had always longed to bury him in South African soil.

On 18 October 2007, Lucky Dube was killed in the Johannesburg suburb of Rosettenville shortly after dropping two of his seven children off at their uncle's house. [14] Dube was driving his Chrysler 300C , which the assailants were after. Police reports suggest he was shot dead by carjackers who did not recognize him and believed that he was Nigerian. [15] Five men were arrested in connection with the murder; [16] three were tried and found guilty on 31 March 2009. Two of the men attempted to escape and were caught. [17] The men were sentenced to life in prison. [18]

Moses Mbheki Mncane Mabhida was born in Thornville near Pietermaritzburg on 14 October 1923, into a poor family which was later forced off the land. Mabhida could not ...

Traditional Leaders are neither consulted nor involved in the process of formulating policies that have a direct bearing on their day to day activities. The institution of Ubukhosi has been in existence from time immemorial and has survived many hardships under past colonial regimes. From the point of view of the ordinary citizen, an Inkosi's most important role may lie in his symbolizing of community solidarity. So any notion that the institution of Ubukhosi , now that we have a democratic government in place, can just be wished away, remains a pipe-dream. Some countries just across our borders had decided to do away with the institution of traditional leadership immediately after attaining independence from colonial rulers. However, they have since realised that they had committed gross mistakes and were now re-inventing these institutions at great costs. As King of the Zulu Nation I am proud of the role played by the Prime Minister of the Zulu Nation, Prince of KwaPhindangene, Dr MG Buthelezi who had singlehandedly championed the cause of the Institution of Traditional Leadership in this country. [3]

Thandi Zulu The Young Five Love GamesThandi Zulu The Young Five Love GamesThandi Zulu The Young Five Love GamesThandi Zulu The Young Five Love Games

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