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But even when the experts aren't being paid by the company in question, the claim provides no context for the expert opinion: We may picture dentists systematically testing assorted toothpastes in a rigorous battle-royale of tooth protection, but in truth, it's more likely to be just a survey of the dentists who decided to attend the product launch conference .

Not only can you and your little ones look out for exciting wildlife on the five-mile drive safari, but there are plenty of fun (and educational!) events on too.

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 · An Edmonton dentist wants to buy your children's Halloween candy. Dr. Sean Bhasin, owner of Spearmint Dental, started the practice in 2014, after he ...

For those unable to attend on Nov. 1, Bhasin's offices will accept candy during regular business hours for the rest of the week.

Spooky Tooth Its All AboutSpooky Tooth Its All AboutSpooky Tooth Its All AboutSpooky Tooth Its All About


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